Objectives of the Project

The aim of CINCO project is to integrate intercomprehension (IC) to vocational training (in a situation of lifelong learning).

The main objective that the project intends to achieve is to provide a device for the learning of IC between Latin languages, aimed at developing specific communication skills to work situations of European cooperation.

Therefore, the project will:

  • a) mobilize tools that were already produced under different ECPs and are now available online or in paper format.
  • b) create a modular structure, incorporating these materials, and adapt them to the specific needs of a professional audience of adults in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Romania.
  • c) validate the tools through their experimental application in the context of vocational training (employees of institutions with social and educational aims)
  • d) disseminate the opportunities of free use of these tools in the context of lifelong education of professionals involved in European cooperation activities (industry, trade, services) in partner countries.
  • e) create a European network of trainers who may accompany such training.

The project is thus committed to help develop essential competences in the European professional world, i.e. language and intercultural competences.